Peking to Paris 2013 – Satellite Phones

Now your car is on the way to China you will be sorting all the last minute items on your to-do list. Have you sorted your satellite phone?

Satellite phone rental specialists, Cell-hire, have set up a web page to make it easy for you to rent a suitable satellite phone. Visit the link below to order your phone. None UK crews may wish to contact Cell- hire direct as they have a wide range of international partners.

As previously mentioned it is mandatory that you have a satellite phone – no satellite phone, no start, it’s as simple as that. Do not go to China without having hired or bought yourself a satellite phone.

Peking to Paris 2013 – Garmin Training Day

Even if you missed the Garmin training day you can download our GPS user guides here. Because of the differences between the Garmin 76 and 78 units we have produced a user guide for each unit. Get your user guide from the links below.

Download the Garmin 78 Setup and Use Guide

Download the Garmin 76 Setup and Use Guide