The Car 7 Rally Crew would like to thank the following individuals and companies for their kind assistance!

Thank you from Car 7!







A special thank-you goes out to Dave Thorn; without him this adventure would not have been possible.

The Boys of CC Racing – Glen May, Donnie Trites, Stuart Candiah (, Terry Bride & George Kanavaros. Our Engine Builders, Fabricators and Mechanics.

Juan’s Auto Service – Juan & Stephanie Recavvarren, Jack Fynch, Dave and Luke ( Mechanics extraordinaire!.

George Pappas -always a phone call away at any given time & willing to help -who was ready to sign-on as Navigator, and who recommended the addition of a driveshaft loop (which we added, but hope that we’ll never need) thanks Georgie.

Gary Anderson – a special person without whose encouragement this adventure wouldn’t have happened. It’s all YOUR fault, Gary!

Alyn Edwards @ Peak Communicators Public Relations ( – for having made us into media superstars thru his articles in numerous Canadian publications.

David Cohen (Car #42, Peking to Paris 2007) – for his kind advice on what we should toss from our car in order to lighten the load.

David A Hogg – special thanks for the support and valuable advice and for being a good friend when Jenny was freaking out about what to do with her car.

Stuart Candiah of SCF Productions ( – for having written, directed, shot, starred in and produced our wicked video of the Pink Antique under construction.

Nigel Matthews – Jenny’s “”personal assistant from Haggerty Insurance; serious car-nut and general good guy who’s always been ready to lend a helping hand

Terry @ DynoPro Coatings Ltd. 604-270-2611 – for the fabulous job of powder-coating the wheels on the Pink Antique

John Rak – Artona Studios ( – for having expressed an interest in being Jenny’s co-driver/navigator and for his continued support and enthusiasm

Linda Aylesworth of Global News ( – for having done a great 2-minute story on us, the car, and the Peking to Paris Rally for the six o’clock news.

Cheryl Somers ,my longtime special friend.My biggest fan and my cheerleader ~

Bradford McClagen for your continued support and your usb music you made especially for our adventure.

Mark Thiesen @Get-Away RV Center ( – Original owner of the Pink Antique & responsible for much of the initial restoration of the car.

Monique Auzoux of Travel TST ( – for having jumped through all sorts of bureaucratic hoops & red-tape to make sure that we got our Visas in time!

Baldev @ Dependable Plating ( – for doing all our plating work on amazingly short notice.

Luke Balogh – Luke’s Custom Machine and Design Ltd. ( – for having sent us to H&H Flatheads in California when we were in deep trouble.

Terry Bride @ Terry Bride Racing Engines ( – for lending us Donnie whenever we needed him.

Phil & June Cocking – for their unconditional support (even though this rally is still a nutty idea).

Danielle @ Gorilla Surplus, Vancouver ( – for outfitting us with our team clothing.

Joe Dinahan – Artistic Designs Ltd. ( – for having made all the vinyl lettering on the car.

Al Glen – For stocking us up with every imaginable spare part that we might need & for saving Jenny from starving to death.

John Haddon – For teaching us more than we ever thought that we needed to know about Zenith updraft carburetors – and for coming to our aid when we needed him.

Max Herman Sr. & Max Herman Jr. @ H&H Flatheads ( – THE guys to deal with if you’re in need of a Ford flathead engine. It’s all they do!

Ben Hsu – Fountain Tire, Vancouver ( – for steering us in the right directon by doing our wheel alignment and balancing.

Frederick (Fritz) James & Lang Wigtman (Team USA, Car #19, Peking to Paris 2010) – for their valuable time and great advice during many phone-calls.

Tanya Jovanovic of Globe Connect Holidays for having made all our travel arrangements.

Mac’s Antique Auto Parts ( – Thanks for jumping to the pump and getting our shipments out on time!

Kota Media ( – for building our fabulous website.!

Jim Mah Sr. – Sorry, Dad; I know you can’t understand why I want to do such a crazy adventure – but thank you for always being there for me when I needed you most.

Joey Mah – the man who insisted that we take a Panasonic Tough-book, since nothing else would likely stand up to the torturous treatment we’re likely going to inflict on it.

Ken McLardy, Richard & Laurens @ The Old Car Centre ( – THE Canadian source for all vintage Ford parts! Rods or Restos, they have what you need.

Luke McMillan @ BC Communications – for renting us a satellite phone so that Jenny can be in contact with anyone, anywhere & at any time – for a measley $20.00/minute.

Shelley Nelson – for looking after Ginger & Butters while I’m away.

Ross Macleod – Valley Vintage Auto ( – “”Tanks”" for providing us with our steering column brace; one less leak to worry about, now!

Memory Express – for having set us up with what we needed to document our travel exploits.

Frank Micucci @ Driver’s Edge ( – If you’re racing or rallying, Frank can supply you with what you need to build your car.

Tony Morris Jr. of Morrisport Advanced Driving ( – thanks for the advice and support. Whether fleet or race, learn to drive – properly – at Morrisport!

Dan Nemeth – for having compiled our music. No tunes; big troubles! Thanks for having given us something to listen to (besides each other)!

Jasmine Paine – the best little videographer a girl could ever have.

Brian Phillips and Alan @ V-Twin Audio ( / Sidecar Cycles ( for putting everything on hold & building our car audio system in 48 Hrs!

The staff at Point of View Cameras in Vancouver ( for having set us up with our Go-Pro cameras and for featuring our adventures on their blog.

Ron Lam at Claymore Clothes for sewing our team jacket together!

Ida Sacchi & Sindy Bahn @ Nordstroms Seattle – for assisting Jenny with her clothing purchases for the dinner in Paris.

Shelly Schnee for her friendship & always making me look at the positive side of life.You are wonderful.

Sarah Fulcher  for always willing to listen to whatever is going on in my day,

Claude Larabie for being there for me during ALL the times my cars have broken down on a freeway somewhere and for looking after Bacci (Bok-Choy) for me along with you lovely neighbor Jan.You will fall in love with her- she is a sweet dog!

Casey Hilton – for advice and kind support.

Mark Seymour (Car #18, Peking to Paris 2010) – for having watched all of Jenny’s YouTube Videos in order to offer comments for improvements to her car during construction.

Don Snyder of Snyder Auto Parts Inc. ( – Thanks for rescuing us by having the Model A Weber downdraft conversion kit in stock when we needed it most!

Jennifer Swan – for her friendship, great advice and kind support and making me laugh like crazy!

Lewis Thaw for some great ideas and support.

Barney Vinegar -  and for graciously granting us access to the Bat Cave.

John Vicars – Gentleman, car nut, good friend. No matter what the issue, what’s been needed, what day or time it is – John’s always been ready & willing to help. Thanks!

Dan Young & Andy Young @ Central Crests ( – for making the patches on our team clothing.

Ted Wilkinson @ Wilkinson’s Automobilia for having set us up with all the Ford Model A manuals that we’ll ever need – ever!

Donny Schlegel @ Donny Schlegel Custom Upholstery & Polishing Detailing – for having built our tonneau cover and side curtains.

And, lastly, to fellow competitors:

Gary & John Anderson Car #21 Good Friends~Enjoy the journey

Tony & Lee Ann Strelzow car #26 Lee Ann is my hero~ she is brave,courageous, supportive, funny and wonderful ( but no I will not be doing the La Carrera Panamericana with you two) that’s just way too crazy scary for me! lol and Thank you both for showing me the way in London England.

James Stone & (Rhys Timms) Car # 29  for being there and willing to share advice,and a laugh.Look forward to seeing you and Rhys in Beijing.

John & (Brett Lazell) car #55 for your advice and updates

Glen Duthie & Alan Cullen car #33 for your support and emails.

We wish you all luck on this incredible journey that we will embark on together soon.Driving our antiques thru the wilds. Campfires and conversation in the Gobi desert.Good laughs and friendship.

Now remember ~ drive safe!

Thank You!