Our 2013 Peking to Paris route drives from China, through Mongolia, then into Russia and westwards to the Ukraine, Slovakia and Europe on route to the triumphal finish in Paris. The will be free days in Ulaan Baatar, Novosibirsk, Samara and Kiev.



Once again the Mongolian section will surely be the highlight for many crews and we are currently considering a number of optional routes including an all new Northern option and many new sections in the Gobi Desert.

As in 2007 and 2010 the race will again be supported by Mongolians who will provide unrivalled levels of facilities at each of our overnight camp sites including hot showers, toilets and freshly prepared food and drink.

A new addition for 2013 will be the provision of generators to light the camp sites, a very welcome sight for stragglers arriving late in the evening. These generators will also power 2013 mobile workshop facilities which will even include welding equipment!

Finally, running the event in the months of May and June ensures the weather will be much warmer than in 2010 and extended daylight guaranteeing fantastic social evenings.


In 2007 the race followed as closely as possible the route originally taken by Prince Borghese in the 1907 original adventure. This meant using a mostly main road route taking in Moscow and St Petersburg. In 2013 we do not have history to worry about and our route will be almost completely new with less and shorter days than the 2007 event.

Working with Russian based enthusiasts the route surveys are uncovering many little used back roads and off road sections for the competition minded, with good alternative all surfaced routes for those just wanting to reach the finish in Paris.

Our route plan avoids most of the major population centres, where possible, and aims to keep well clear of the truck routes generally unwelcome to classic car drivers.

Learn more about the race route at the official Peking to Paris website.

The Schedule

Day Date Route Country Kms
1 28th May 2013 Peking to Daihai China 472
2 29th May 2013 Daihai to Erenhot China 508
3 30th May 2013 Erenhot to Altanshiree Mongolia 296
4 31st May 2013 Altanshiree to Ulaan Baatar Mongolia 426
5 1st June 2013 Ulaan Baatar – Rest Day Mongolia Kms
6 2nd June 2013 Ulaan Baatar to Bulgan Mongolia 343
7 3rd June 2013 Bulgan to Murun Mongolia 350
8 4th June 2013 Murun to Telmen Lake Mongolia 293
9 5th June 2013 Telmen Lake to Chjargas Lake Mongolia 288
10 6th June 2013 Chjargas Lake to Uureg Lake Mongolia 259
11 7th June 2013 Uureg Lake to Border Mongolia 271
12 8th June 2013 Border to Aya Russia 470
13 9th June 2013 Aya to Novosibirsk Russia 560
14 10th June 2013 Novosibirsk – Rest Day Russia Kms
15 11th June 2013 Novosibirsk to Omsk Russia 668
16 12th June 2013 Omsk to Tyumen Russia 632
17 13th June 2013 Tyumen to Yekaterinburg Russia 360
18 14th June 2013 Yekaterinburg to Ufa Russia 481
19 15th June 2013 Ufa to Samara Russia 461
20 16th June 2013 Samara – Rest Day Russia Kms
21 17th June 2013 Samara to Saratov Russia 435
22 18th June 2013 Saratov to Voronezh Russia 545
23 19th June 2013 Voronezh to Kharkiv Ukraine 364
24 20th June 2013 Kharkiv to Kiev Ukraine 485
25 21st June 2013 Kiev – Rest Day Ukraine Kms
26 22nd June 2013 Kiev to Lviv Ukraine 583
27 23rd June 2013 Lviv to Kosice Slovakia 368
28 24th June 2013 Kosice to Bratislava Slovakia 491
29 25th June 2013 Bratislava to Schladming Austria 442
30 26th June 2013 Schladming to Davos Switzerland 428
31 27th June 2013 Davos to Gstaad Switzerland 325
32 28th June 2013 Gstaad to Troyes France 453
33 29th June 2013 Troyes to Paris France 190