More Photos from the Finish line in Paris

Crossing the Finish line in Paris, France ;)

Car 7 Crossing the Finish Line in Paris France June 29,2013


Happy Happy!!





WooHoo ! We made it to Paris!!!


desert pic Jen1


Crowds of People at Place Vendome waiting for our arrival ~ WOW!




Huge Crowds!Copy of IMG_4984

finish russians bmpCopy of IMG_5007


I just saw my Father in the crowd!!! I’m so happy ;)

Car7 FinishCopy of IMG_5027

Just arriving to Place Vendome

Copy of IMG_5054 My WONDERFUL  Father ♥

Copy of IMG_5052 Nadja of Car 3 Copy of IMG_5031Copy of IMG_4983

Copy of IMG_5045Copy of IMG_5043Copy of IMG_5041Copy of IMG_5039Copy of IMG_5037Copy of IMG_5035Copy of IMG_5036Copy of IMG_5040Copy of IMG_5008Copy of IMG_5014Copy of IMG_5050Car3 finish bmpCar3 Car 3 Nicky & Nadja

day1bmp Heading to Place Vendome

Jas and Jen elevator bmp Being super silly in the elevator with Jasmine

Copy of IMG_5034 My Father ♥ I’ve never seen him look more proud of me !  Love that smile! Thanks Dad for everything ;) xx


Gala light Gala Dinner