Good bye my friend – I will miss you always x

My dear friend Claude. He dropped off my co-driver & I to the airport for the start of my Peking to Paris Rally.He then followed every Rally Report and emailed me during our adventure.He was looking after one of my dogs.

When we arrived back at the Vancouver airport from Paris- we waited for him to pick us up.I could not wait to see him! We had a weekend full of car shows & fun planned. While sitting on the plane on the tarmac I received a phone call from our friend Ben.I told Ben that we were waiting for Claude and that we had dinner plans afterwards and I didn’t know why Claude had not called me back- Ben said to me ” Jenny he’s not coming to get you and this is why, Claude passed away last week…They did not want to tell us until we crossed the finish line in Paris.

I felt like a knife had gone through my heart.

The thought that went through my mind was this “But we have so much planned for this summer and we have so much to talk about this evening , NO he can’t be gone!..i haven’t stopped crying. I miss my friend and he was waiting to hear all of our stories on our rally….I miss you Claude.It won’t be the same without you.

My buddy ;( So that is why you have not seen any postings or photos of my rally. I am grieving. Today I say goodbye to him.I don’t think I can bear it…I love you Claude. xoxox till we meet again I will always remember how kind and supportive you were to me and how you would worry about me.He would bring me sherbet ice cream to make me feel better.

We laughed, we joked, we told secrets and we always made fun of each other and we cried together.He was missing his wife Margaret and I was missing my little brother Johnny. We consoled each other by filling up every moment with car shows car shows and more car shows…That was “our” thing.

Now what? .. Claude said to me in his  last email that he sent while I was on my rally “All these car shows are not be the same without you ,even with you clicking your camera away ” and he told me me how much he missed me and couldn’t wait for our return.

- nothing feels the same without him in my life and yes I feel the same ~ all these car shows we had planned will not be the same without him either. As a matter of fact I don’t feel I can attend any of our shows we had planned together.But I know he would not be pleased with me…so we will have to see.

Your friend always xo Jenny ;(

I  Love you my friend