A note from me on September 1st, 2013 ~

Hello World! jennybmp

Hello World!

I apologize for the delay- My new tough-book laptop decided to pack it in on my flight to Beijing. Which meant I would not be able to update the blog at all.

It has been very busy just coming back to reality and catching up with life etc.

These have been taken from all the notes I had written down on my Tulip direction route book that I had also used as my journal along the way and also found on bits of scrap paper I used along the way while bouncing like crazy in the Model A.

The blog reports are not finished- some are incomplete as of yet. Some tell it from my view – some tell it from Loren’s point of view and some tell it as a third person. But I hope that this will give you a better idea of what our journey was like.I will try and post the photos in as well but it all takes time. So please excuse the spelling for now.

But the one thing is for sure. I miss my friends that are living all over the world. It was my pleasure and my honor meeting all of you. We will be forever bonded and I will not forget you guys.What an adventure! Well done xoxxox ~

Just so you know my car has finally arrived to Vancouver Canada 2 days ago. She is resting at Juan’s Auto Service along with Car 21. Juan & Jack will get her brakes working – change all fluids and  get her ready for the VanDusen  Super Luxury Car show on Sept 6-8. This is quite the honor for her!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime ~

Stay tuned ~ Jenny Pink Wheels ~