Jenny Mah – Driver

Jenny Mah - Driver

Jenny Mah is a feisty little girl with a big heart, an animal lover, a serious car-nut with motor oil in her veins and an experienced personal trainer and Fall Prevention Specialist for seniors.

She is a Kootenay girl born in Trail BC, and raised in Vancouver along with her 5 brothers.

Those who know her best will also tell you that she’s a little bit goofy and that she loves to make people smile and laugh – you never know when she’ll break out into her famous “Skippy-happy dance”.

Her sense of compassion isn’t limited to people – she’s also a strong advocate for homeless and abused animals – especially dogs. In fact, Jenny shares her home with her rescue dogs – one of which is a Red-nosed American Pit Bull – a breed that she shares a special affinity for.

Jenny’s also passionate about photography, dancing, music, and boating and -of course – classic cars. Speaking of classic cars, Jenny owns “the Pink Antique” (the 1928 Ford Model A Phaeton which she’s driving in the Peking to Paris Rally), as well as a pair of big-block 1970’s Corvette Stingrays (one automatic and one manual) plus a Honda Element.

Jenny’s currently a member of the BC Corvette Club, the Lions Gate Ford Model A Club, and the Vintage Car Club of Canada (Vancouver Chapter).  If she’s not busy working or rescuing animals she can often be found at local car shows, cruises and swap meets – usually with a camera in hand and her trademark 1000W smile on her face.

She believes in living life large and accordingly, has chosen the Peking to Paris (world’s longest and most challenging automotive endurance rally) as her introduction to the sport.

Jenny lives in Burnaby, BC, Canada with her dogs, her daughter and her cars. While she enjoys adventure and fast cars, she especially loves her quiet home life where music, candles and animals play a special role in creating the peace and solitude she so loves.

Loren Cocking – Navigator

Loren Cocking - NavigatorLoren Cocking is a successful sales and marketing professional who has, in the past, worked within the construction and building products industry. Today, he is self-employed in the financial services industry and he helps people become properly protected, debt-free and financially independent.

Ever since being a child, Loren’s been fascinated with all things automotive. Beginning with a large collection of Dinky toys (most of which have, regrettably, since gone missing), Loren built hundreds of plastic model car kits in his youth before buying, selling, tearing-apart and rebuilding numerous cars as a young man.

Never afraid to wrench on his own cars, he can recall a time when his parents returned home from a vacation a day early – only to find a 1967 Beaumont 4-door sedan being dismantled in the driveway with a cutting torch. With body panels, interior parts, wheels and tires scattered all across their front lawn, the front cross-member supporting the engine and transmission in the driveway – and the body and frame lying on its side in the street, it’s safe to assume that both father and son were equally surprised that day!

Since then, Loren’s personal collection has grown to include three 1962 Buick Skylarks (two coupes and a convertible), two GMC trucks, a 1999 Jaguar VDP (made out to look like a XJR) and a 1992 Corvette Z07 coupe.  He is a member of the BC Corvette Club, the Vintage Car Club of Canada (Vancouver Chapter) and a past member of the Compact Buick Club.

Loren lives in Coquitlam, BC, Canada and has three fabulous children, a large extended family and a number of close friends who will be following his exploits as he takes on the world’s most difficult automotive endurance rally. He enjoys travelling, the outdoors, music, photography, meeting new people and experiencing things that are a little out of the ordinary.