1928 Ford Model A Phaeton Before and After

Before and After

Car 7 from Vancouver,  Jenny Mah and Loren Cocking have been preparing their 1928 Ford Model A Phaeton for over a year to be ready for the 2013 Peking to Paris Rally.


The Pain Of It All

Some of what’s involved in building a 1928 Ford Model A for Peking to Paris? Well here goes…

Date Commentary Work Performed / Parts Purchased
07/06/2012 6V to 12V Conversion
New Distributor
Alternator Mounting Kit
New Headlights
New Tailights
New Cowl Lamps
Turn Signal Switch Kit
New Windshield Wiper Motors
New Heater Kit
New Heater Hook-up Kit
New 6 Blade Fan Kit
New Leakless Water Pump
New Water Outlet
New Temperature Gauge
Ford Model A Bendix Drive
Bendix Style Drive Compressor
New Tubular Gas Shock Absorbers
Radius Rods – Upgraded from Stock
Model A 10-Leaf Front Spring
Model A 7-Leaf Rear Spring
Model A Radiator
6 x 21″ Wire Wheels – Powdercoated
6 Excelsior Sport Radials (Mounted)
6 x 550-6-00 R21 Tubes
Hydraulic Brake Conversion & New Rear Axles
Transmission Converison Kit to 5-Spd.
07/06/2012 New Model A Zenith Carburetor
Radiator Stone Guard
New 180-degree Thermostat
6 x Rim Liners
Windshield Certification to Safety Reg
2 x 550/600 R21 Tubes
2 x Quartz Headlight Bulbs
Rear End Seals, Gaskets, Bearings
Front Shackles
600W Rear End Gear Oil
Rear Spring Shackle Kit – Modern
Rubber Body Pad Set
09/11/2012 2 x Teamtech 4-Point Pink Belts
01/04/2013 Side Windows/Tire Cover/Door Pocket
01/04/2013 Broken (Brand-New) Aftermarket Rear Control Arm – Faulty factory weld! Emergency Towing Charge
01/09/2013 Installed Driving Lights KC Lights/Door Pockets/Head Rests
01/21/2013 Rebuilt engine leaking oil badly, cylinder #1 compression down, throw-out bearing noisy! Gasket Sets/Bearings/Main Seals
01/22/2013 Replaced (first) throw out bearing, all gaskets, bearings and main seals Throw Out Brg/Radius Rod Cap Kit
01/25/2013 Replaced Piston Rings due to cylinder wash and glazing Piston Ring Kit .080″ Oversize
02/05/2013 Replaced original emergency brake assembly E-Brake Handle/Gas Cap/Rad Cap
02/07/2013 Purchased spare custom driveshaft as insurance Spare Custom Driveshaft
02/11/2013 7 weeks to go… Ordered New Short Block due to main bearing problems Model A Short Block/Gasket Set
02/13/2013 Short Block Arrives! Paid Duties and Taxes
02/15/2013 Intake & Exhaust Valves
02/16/2013 Removed leaky engine and tore down to short block Re/Re Engine & Transmission
Remove & Check Crankshaft
Pressure Text Block & Machine Crank
Re-Assemble Engine Short Block
Finish Engine Assembly
Install Engine & Transmission
02/18/2013 6 weeks out – New engine installed and running! Installed 2nd throw out bearing. Back running! Start engine break-in all over again.
02/22/2013 Monet Q20 Wheel Probe
02/22/2013 Fire Extinquisher/Racer Tape
02/28/2013 Key Lock Navigator’s Clipboard
02/28/2013 Cdn.Flag/Threadlocker/Cash Box
03/02/2013 Towed Home (again) – Carburetor problems! Emergency Towing Charge
03/04/2013 Gasket & Filter Set
03/11/2013 17 days before shipping – Replaced Carburetor & Water Pump (2nd time for each!) Re/Re Carburetor & Water Pump
03/13/2013 Wheel Allignment & Balance
03/15/2013 13 days before shipping – Replaced the alternator Re/Re Alternator
03/17/2013 11 days before shipping – Rear Control Arm broken (again) Repair Control Arms Etc.
Added EZ-Steering. Modify Steering for EZ Steer
Install Driveshaft Loop
Misc. Small Repairs
Add Anti-Freeze and Adjust E-Brake
Machine and Fab Pick-up Mount
Design & Fab Sideview Mirrors
Fab Dash Mount for GPS & Rally Clock
Weld in Hoops for Seatbelts
Install and Wire Tach
Fabricate Driveshaft Hoop
Fab Flagpole, Mount GPS, Fab Clips
03/18/2013 Copper Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
03/18/2013 New Choke Cable
03/18/2013 10 days prior to shipping – can’t live with (3rd) OEM Zenith Carb anymore – ordered Weber kit! Weber Carb Kit & Filters
03/20/2013 Taxes & Duties on Weber Carb Kit
03/21/2013 Safety Gear/Car Mirrors/Tools
03/21/2013 1 week prior to shipping – Installed complete new fuel system & Weber downdraft carb. Fuel Filter Bracket
2 x Fuel Filters
Electric Fuel Pump
Fuel Line
Toggle Switch
Re/Re Manifolds & Fab Parts
Fit Weber Carb & Run Wiring Etc.
03/22/2013 Plating of Flagpole and Clips
03/22/2013 Grade 8 Fasteners for Control Arms
03/22/2013 Tire Inner Tubes and Tire Spoons
03/23/2013 12 x 600W Gear Oil
03/25/2013 6 x Hubcaps
03/25/2013 3 Days prior to shipping – re/re tranny & replace throw out bearing Re/Re Tranny & Replace T.O. Bearing
3 days prior to shipping – rewire driving lights and fix high beams Re-Wire Driving Lights
4 x Zinc Oil Additive
3 days prior to shipping – re-weld rear control arms (again) Re-Weld Rear End Locating Arms
2 x 20W50 Motor Oil 5-litres
03/27/2013 1 day before shipping – fabricate & install car audio system Fab & Install Ipod Amp & Speakers
03/27/2013 1 day before shipping – re/re wheels to mount missing hubcaps Install Hubcaps, Oil Change, High Beam Switch
03/28/2013 Car was shipped to China today (WHEW!)


Race Preparations Video