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More Photos from the Finish line in Paris

Crossing the Finish line in Paris, France ;)

Car 7 Crossing the Finish Line in Paris France June 29,2013


Happy Happy!!





WooHoo ! We made it to Paris!!!


desert pic Jen1


Crowds of People at Place Vendome waiting for our arrival ~ WOW!




Huge Crowds!Copy of IMG_4984

finish russians bmpCopy of IMG_5007


I just saw my Father in the crowd!!! I’m so happy ;)

Car7 FinishCopy of IMG_5027

Just arriving to Place Vendome

Copy of IMG_5054 My WONDERFUL  Father ♥

Copy of IMG_5052 Nadja of Car 3 Copy of IMG_5031Copy of IMG_4983

Copy of IMG_5045Copy of IMG_5043Copy of IMG_5041Copy of IMG_5039Copy of IMG_5037Copy of IMG_5035Copy of IMG_5036Copy of IMG_5040Copy of IMG_5008Copy of IMG_5014Copy of IMG_5050Car3 finish bmpCar3 Car 3 Nicky & Nadja

day1bmp Heading to Place Vendome

Jas and Jen elevator bmp Being super silly in the elevator with Jasmine

Copy of IMG_5034 My Father ♥ I’ve never seen him look more proud of me !  Love that smile! Thanks Dad for everything ;) xx


Gala light Gala Dinner





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Day 33 – Troyes to Paris

Heroes Welcome

By Syd Stelvio,

Whistles blew… someone sounded a trumpet…..and everyone clapped. The survivors of the Peking to Paris drove through the streets of Paris this morning – down the Champs-Élysées with girls in white T-shirts on roller skates escorting cars across traffic-lights, shoppers and children on the pavement stood and stared… then cheered…drivers waved back.

Driving the Impossible

The final few kilometres in the middle of Paris is no place to break down, but everyone was helping everyone and to loud cheers from a big crowd, survivors rolled over the finish line in Place Vendome. So ends the 2013 Peking to Paris – crossing 15 frontiers, driving the greatest land-mass between two capital cities and the biggest wilderness in the world where a car can turn a wheel...

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We made it ~ we crossed the finish line in Paris,France

WooHoo ! We made it to Paris!!!

WooHoo ! We made it to Paris!!!

Here are some photos of  the last day. It was a long busy day for us so here are some shots of my friends/competitors here there and everywhere …all of these photos are from today ~

Thank you everyone for supporting Car 7. Much love from me to you ~ Jenny

Copy of IMG_4834

Cathrine Car 97

Cathrine Car 97

Copy of IMG_4846Copy of IMG_4862Copy of IMG_4863Copy of IMG_4821Copy of IMG_4819Copy of IMG_4828Copy of IMG_4856Copy of IMG_4815Copy of IMG_4813Copy of IMG_4808Copy of IMG_4803Copy of IMG_4799Copy of IMG_4802Copy of IMG_4801Copy of IMG_4805Copy of IMG_4784Copy of IMG_4888Copy of IMG_4893Copy of IMG_4894Copy of IMG_4895Copy of IMG_4901Copy of IMG_4904Copy of IMG_4907Copy of IMG_4900Copy of IMG_4913Copy of IMG_4934Copy of IMG_4932Copy of IMG_4910Copy of IMG_4945Copy of IMG_4996Copy of IMG_4984Copy of IMG_4983Copy of IMG_5017Copy of IMG_5031Copy of IMG_5037Copy of IMG_5036Copy of IMG_5034Copy of IMG_5054Copy of IMG_5043Copy of IMG_5039Copy of IMG_4873Copy of IMG_4777IMG_5253IMG_5256IMG_5233IMG_5231IMG_5226IMG_5224IMG_5232IMG_5222IMG_5207IMG_5211IMG_5219IMG_5198IMG_4842IMG_5100IMG_5109IMG_5135IMG_5141IMG_5130IMG_5154IMG_5162IMG_5163IMG_5190Copy of IMG_4980Copy of IMG_4981Copy of IMG_5007Copy of IMG_5043Copy of IMG_4857Copy of IMG_4811Copy of IMG_4816Copy of IMG_4807Copy of IMG_4798

It is  very late and I am exhausted. I have not had a chance to reflect on my rally yet. My main goal now is to rest. But I will say this, It was sad waking up this morning with the realization that it is all over.I miss the wonderful people that I have met. I miss seeing them everyday and talking about what was broken on our cars. I miss getting up at 4:30 -5 am. I miss getting into my vehicle and driving insane distances.

I promise to catch up on my blog when I get back to Canada...

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Day 33, (Sat., June 29, 2013) Troyes to Paris, France

I awoke to a rainy day in France- looks like the top will have to stay up on my car for now as it was pouring.

I’m not sure how I feel. Perhaps sad that it will be over soon. Today I will see my Father & Jasmine at the finish line. I was looking very forward to that. but still I felt sad. Sad that Car 92 of Emma & Peter would not be there. Something that they both looked so forward to and had worked  so hard to accomplish.


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Day 32 – Gstaad to Troyes

Final Fling

By Syd Stelvio,

With around 86 cars expected to cross the finish-line in the centre of Paris tomorrow out of the original 96 starters, there is a terrific atmosphere in the bar tonight as competitors breathe a big sigh a relief that it now looks as if the survivors take in liquid refreshment for the struggle to get out of Troyes tomorrow on the final leg.

Driving the Impossible

Doubts? There is only one. There could not be a last minute drama without Bill and Mark from Car 15, the Ford Model A, taking centre-stage. Today the water pump they found in the wreck outside the Victoria Hotel in Davos gave up… and so the car was sadly put on a truck to Troyes...

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