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Day 4 – (Fri., May 31, 2013) Altanshiree to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Arrived in Ulaan Baatar at about 4PM and immediately encountered the biggest traffic-jam ever known to mankind! We were warned but wow this is unbelievable!It took nearly over an hour to drive about two city blocks.

Everyone butts in.We call them the “butt-er-inners” lol Earlier in the day we had to use wire to secure the folding top mechanism on the cars’ roof as the brass wing nuts were coming off causing the roof to collapse around us.

We also had to wire down the hood latch mechanism as it had come loose from the body of the car and no fasteners of the right size and type were to be found. By now, we knew that we had suffered significant damage to the car’s suspension.

We were also experiencing a loud thumping noise in the drive-line whenever we shifted gears, accelerated or we bra...

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Day 4 – Altanshiree to Ulaan Bataar

The High Plains Drifters

By Syd Stelvio,

Dawn broke over the vast grassy plain. We rolled up our sleeping bags, struggled with the tents, and made our way for a cooked breakfast in the chuck-wagon, the chefs of our Mongolian support-organisation having been up at 4.0am…. we know that for a fact as that is when the generator kicked into life.

It had been a short night for most of us, as during the night our tents were racked by a violent sand-storm that shook and battered away…. inside the tent the racket from flapping tent-material straining at its mountings was simply horrendous. It certainly proved a memorable night. But as the sun rose, the wind dropped, and we were soon on our way again, this time leaving camp and instantly into a long Time Trial.

The rally is b...

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Day 3 – (Thurs., May 30, 2013) Erenhot, China to Altanshiree, Mongolia

I am very disappointed that my camera batteries are not charged up :( It seems my Go Pro batteries take forever to charge so therefore no Go Pro thru the desert. Anyone who knows me and photos will feel my absolute pain :(

We all made it to the Mongolian border and waited….and waited ….and waited. It was very hot.I think they kept us all waiting to tell you honestly so that they could snap photos of all our cars. There was a lot of garbage on the ground and it was dry dry dry!

It seemed like we went through a lot of security and had to show our passports and papers to each & everyone of them as we all slowly moved through. They sprayed our tires as we entered Mongolia.

Once we got across the border- yup it sure was desert...

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Day 3 – Erenhot to Altanshiree

First Night Under the Stars

By Syd Stelvio,

A giant orange sun hung over the Western horizon as half the rally snatched the precious remnants of the fading daylight to erect their tents in the Gobi Desert.  It’s our first night out under the stars. What of the other half? They are coming in, steadily, in dribs and drabs, shaken up but elated, like the rest of us, at the wonders of a remarkable day.

Driving the Impossible

It’s hard to comprehend the vast wilderness that makes up Mongolia until you try to drive across it. From the bottom right hand corner, to the top left of the map, takes 10 hard days when you are following the course of Prince Borghese and his rivals who first drove this way in 1907.

Today was just over 300 kilometres of tough desert motoring down remote tracks, where f...

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Day 2 – (Wed., May 29, 2013) Daihai to Erenhot, China

Day 2, China our hotel early in the morning

Day 2, China our hotel early in the morning


Woke up to a dead battery, Udo of Car 10 giving us a helping hand

Woke up to a dead battery, Udo of Car 10 giving us a helping hand

Not much sleep- maybe 3 hours. It’s a beautiful sunny day – We head out with Car 21. Argh!  We have a dead battery so we get a jump-start and away we go!

Lots of potholes! Car was sounding “different” so we stopped and crawled underneath to check things out. We lost the lower nut on the LF shock on the car today.

It doesn’t take long before there is a crowd of people surrounding us and taking photographs while we fix the car. This was remedied on the road by the ERA mechanics.

I had to keep people from standing on my running board to get their photos taken as the ERA mechanic was underneath my car and I didn’t want him to lose his finger.

Away we go navigating this horrible road...

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