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The Pain Of It All

Some of what’s involved in building a 1928 Ford Model A for Peking to Paris. Click here and find out the PAIN OF IT ALL!

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Peking to Paris 2013 Competitors

View the list of Peking to Paris 2013 participants and competitor websites. Good luck everyone from Car 7!

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Vancouver Team to Drive From Peking to Paris

Adventurers plan to drive 15,000 km in a Model A Ford through the world’s most remote spots

By Alyn Edwards, Vancouver Sun April 1, 2013

“One Life – No Regrets” is their motto.

Vancouver Sun Photo

Jenny Mah with her 1970 and 1972 Corvettes equipped with high horsepower 454 cubic inch engines and her Peking to Paris Rally car in the background. Photograph by: Alyn Edwards

Car friends Jenny Mah and Loren Cocking are about to embark on the most remarkable adventure of their lives.

On May 28, the flag will fall to start the fifth running of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge — the longest and toughest rally that anyone can drive in a vintage car.

This rally involves driving 15,000 kilometres though some of the most remote places on Earth...

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