Epic Journey


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A note from me on September 1st, 2013 ~

Hello World! jennybmp

Hello World!

I apologize for the delay- My new tough-book laptop decided to pack it in on my flight to Beijing. Which meant I would not be able to update the blog at all.

It has been very busy just coming back to reality and catching up with life etc.

These have been taken from all the notes I had written down on my Tulip direction route book that I had also used as my journal along the way and also found on bits of scrap paper I used along the way while bouncing like crazy in the Model A.

The blog reports are not finished- some are incomplete as of yet. Some tell it from my view – some tell it from Loren’s point of view and some tell it as a third person. But I hope that this will give you a better idea of what our journey was like...

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Good bye my friend – I will miss you always x

My dear friend Claude. He dropped off my co-driver & I to the airport for the start of my Peking to Paris Rally.He then followed every Rally Report and emailed me during our adventure.He was looking after one of my dogs.

When we arrived back at the Vancouver airport from Paris- we waited for him to pick us up.I could not wait to see him! We had a weekend full of car shows & fun planned. While sitting on the plane on the tarmac I received a phone call from our friend Ben.I told Ben that we were waiting for Claude and that we had dinner plans afterwards and I didn’t know why Claude had not called me back- Ben said to me ” Jenny he’s not coming to get you and this is why, Claude passed away last week…They did not want to tell us until we crossed the finish line in Paris.

I felt like a knife h...

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More Photos from the Finish line in Paris

Crossing the Finish line in Paris, France ;)

Car 7 Crossing the Finish Line in Paris France June 29,2013


Happy Happy!!





WooHoo ! We made it to Paris!!!


desert pic Jen1


Crowds of People at Place Vendome waiting for our arrival ~ WOW!




Huge Crowds!Copy of IMG_4984

finish russians bmpCopy of IMG_5007


I just saw my Father in the crowd!!! I’m so happy ;)

Car7 FinishCopy of IMG_5027

Just arriving to Place Vendome

Copy of IMG_5054 My WONDERFUL  Father ♥

Copy of IMG_5052 Nadja of Car 3 Copy of IMG_5031Copy of IMG_4983

Copy of IMG_5045Copy of IMG_5043Copy of IMG_5041Copy of IMG_5039Copy of IMG_5037Copy of IMG_5035Copy of IMG_5036Copy of IMG_5040Copy of IMG_5008Copy of IMG_5014Copy of IMG_5050Car3 finish bmpCar3 Car 3 Nicky & Nadja

day1bmp Heading to Place Vendome

Jas and Jen elevator bmp Being super silly in the elevator with Jasmine

Copy of IMG_5034 My Father ♥ I’ve never seen him look more proud of me !  Love that smile! Thanks Dad for everything ;) xx


Gala light Gala Dinner





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Day 33 – Troyes to Paris

Heroes Welcome

By Syd Stelvio, www.endurorally.com

Whistles blew… someone sounded a trumpet…..and everyone clapped. The survivors of the Peking to Paris drove through the streets of Paris this morning – down the Champs-Élysées with girls in white T-shirts on roller skates escorting cars across traffic-lights, shoppers and children on the pavement stood and stared… then cheered…drivers waved back.

Driving the Impossible

The final few kilometres in the middle of Paris is no place to break down, but everyone was helping everyone and to loud cheers from a big crowd, survivors rolled over the finish line in Place Vendome. So ends the 2013 Peking to Paris – crossing 15 frontiers, driving the greatest land-mass between two capital cities and the biggest wilderness in the world where a car can turn a wheel...

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